40 Inspiring Towel Storage Ideas For Your Bathroom

If you have a bathroom with minimal space, then having towel storage can be one of the solutions. Towel storage is basically a storage for the results of furniture innovation, this towel storage can have an additional function, namely as a container for storing goods in the bathroom such as towels. There are many bathroom towel storage ideas you can use.

The advantage of this towel storage is not only being multifunctional furniture. Towel storage can also appear in a variety of forms, in every room, and in various decorating concepts. This towel storage can be placed in the bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and outdoor space.

Here are 40 of towel storage ideas that can make your life more practical!

1. Metal Hanging Towel Storage

Metal Hanging Towel Storage
source: Pinterest.com

You can customize your towel rack like this idea. That’s so cool, right?

2. Rustic Towel Storage to The Wall

Rustic Towel Storage to The Wall
source: Pinterest.com

Thick towels make it often takes place when stored in a closet or bathroom cabinet. This towel storage idea is perfect for you. To be more effective and efficient, roll a towel in the right way so that the storage space can be more compact and tidy.

3. Rattan Towel Storage Box

Rattan Towel Storage Box
source: Pinterest.com

4. Simple Storage Box Ideas

Simple Storage Box Ideas
source: Pinterest.com

Stick the basket on the wall upside down and make a place to store towels. One very useful idea isn’t it?

5. Hanging Tube Towel Storage

Hanging Tube Towel Storage
source: Pinterest.com

You can use this recycle tube as a towel storage in your bathroom. Simple and low budget towel storage ideas isn’t it? You just need some creativity to make this towel storage. Just give it try dude!

6. Minimalist Shelves For Towel Storage

Minimalist Shelves For Towel Storage
source: Pinterest.com

7. Spa Style Towel Storage

Spa Style
source: Pinterest.com

To make the bathroom feel like a spa, use an open shelf that has been separated into sections. Save towels by rolling them to make them look more beautiful.

8. Re-uses wooden towel storage

Re-uses wooden towel storage
source: Pinterest.com

You can make wood as the material for making towel racks. Like these ideas that used recycling wood.

9. Mogler shelf unit birch

Mogler shelf unit birch
source: Pinterest.com

Make the towel part of the decoration in the bathroom by storing it in a place that is easy to find. Mogler shelves unit birch can show neatly folded towels. Make sure the towels have a matching color so the bathroom looks bright.

10. Rattan Towel Basket

Rattan Towel Basket
source: Pinterest.com

11. Towel wood shelf

Towel wood shelf
source: Pinterest.com

12. Industrial Towel Storage Ideas

Industrial Towel Storage Ideas
source: Pinterest.com

13. Smart Rectangular Towel Storage

Smart Rectangular Towel Storage
source: Pinterest.com

Take advantage of the space on the wall closet near the bathroom to store a variety of shampoo, soap, to other equipment.

14. Compact Towel Storage

Compact Towel Storage
source: Pinterest.com

Other people would not have thought that inside the wall there is a storage area like this.

15. Shiplap Towel Storage ideas

Shiplap Towel Storage ideas
source: Pinterest.com

Warm the room with a large shelf made inside the wall. Make this rack to store towels and several other purposes. Shelves like this can be made in vertical form.

16. Towel Storage Made of Crates

Towel Storage Made of Crates
source: Pinterest.com

17. Almeida Bathroom Shelf

Almeida Bathroom Shelf
source: Pinterest.com

18. Space Efficient Bathroom Storage

Space Efficient Bathroom Storage
source: Pinterest.com

If you use racks under the bathroom sink. Towels can be stored easily in a slightly open place. Make it look a little formal using a basket. If you want to make the bathroom brighter, use a basket with a variety of textures and colors.

19. Linen Closet For Towel Storage

Linen Closet For Towel Storage
source: Pinterest.com

20. Iron Rack For Towel Storage

Iron Rack For Towel Storage
source: Pinterest.com

21. Small Corner Towel Storage

Small Corner Towel Storage
source: Instagram.com

Create a unique towel storage area by using bookshelves in the bathroom. With shelves, you can have plenty of storage to put extra towels and other toiletries.

22. Double Iron Towel Storage

Double Iron Towel Storage
source: Instagram.com

Make the bathroom like in a hotel by adding a special iron rack that is used to store clean towels. You can also hang a small towel to use after washing your hands.

23. Iron and Rattan basket

Iron and Rattan basket
source: Instagram.com

24. Gold Iron Basket

Gold Iron Basket
source: Instagram.com

25. Vintage Towel Storage

Vintage Towel Storage
source: Instagram.com

If you have an old wood cabin, you can use it as towel storage in your bathroom. This idea is a unique idea that people rarely use it.

26. Maple Towel Box

Maple Towel Box
source: Instagram.com

27. White Shelve Towel Storage

White Shelve Towel Storage
source: Instagram.com

28. Towel Storage Cabinet Style

Towel Storage Cabinet Style
source: Instagram.com

Stack towels on a shelf that has been placed near the shower. A rack like this has two functions, to put the towels were folded and clean, also for hanging wet towels to dry.

29. Small Basket For Efficient Space

Small Basket For Efficient Space
source: Instagram.com

Store a few baskets under the sink so access to pick up towels is easy. Using this method, you do not need to pierce the bathroom wall to install a towel rack. Towels will be folded neatly and provide a homey feeling in the bathroom.

30. Shopping Rack For Towel Storage

Shopping Rack For Towel Storage
source: Instagram.com

If you want to make all the rooms in the house look beautiful, including the bathroom area, you can add unique decoration and towel rack to produce a more elegant impression.

31. Angle Shelve For Functional Focal Space

Angle Shelve For Functional Focal Space
source: Instagram.com

32. The Bleached Walnut Floating Shelves

The Bleached Walnut Floating Shelves
source: Instagram.com

The bleached walnut floating shelves are identic with the concept of a modern house in this era. This modern bathroom towel storage gives an elegant and clean atmosphere.

33. Custome Iron Rack

Custome Iron Rack
source: Instagram.com

If you don’t have too much space in the bathroom, use a simple pole attached to the side of the bathroom cabinet or sink. Besides not taking up a lot of space, this way you can always take towels easily.

34. Simple Square Towel Box

Simple Square Towel Box
source: Instagram.com

35. Organize Towel Storage

Organize Towel Storage
source: Instagram.com

36. Hung Up Towel Storage

Hung Up Towel Storage
source: Instagram.com

Simple and minimalist hung up towel storage ideas can your choice ideas for your bathroom.

37. Industrial Bathroom Cabinet

Industrial Bathroom Cabinet
source: Instagram.com

The industrial bathroom concept become a trend of bathroom design ideas this year.

38. Elegant Towel Storage

Elegant Towel Storage
source: Instagram.com

Gold and luxury bathroom mirror vanity combine it with the double sink cabinet, this elegant towel storage is a perfect combination.

39. Classic Bathroom Cabinet

Classic Bathroom Cabinet
source: Instagram.com

This large classic cabinet gives you a vintage vibe when you are in the bathroom. You can store many towels in this large

40. Convenient Towel Storage

Convenient towel storage
source: Instagram.com

This convenient towel storage could be your inspiration to apply it in your bathroom.

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