2020 Toddler Boy’s Haircut Gonna Be Trending

Talking about the boy’s haircut model can be said to be endless. Because from the time the hairstyles keep changing following the trends and developments of the times.

Not only the hairstyle of the women who changed, but men’s hair also experienced significant changes. This also applies to boy hair models.

Actually there are lots of hairstyles for boys that can be applied. This can be adjusted to the child’s personality, characteristics to the shape of the face. Changing the appropriate hairstyle will certainly make your baby look cuter.

So make sure that the child also contributes when the hairstyle selection process.

1. Pompadour Haircut

Pompadour haircut

Pompadour haircut is a classic haircut style that is usually used by adult men. However, this hairstyle is actually still suitable for use by children. This haircut is a neat and simple piece that makes an appearance that is not too flashy. This haircut can use Pomade to make hair look tidier.

2. Mowhawk Layer Haircut Model

Mowhawk Layer Hair Model

Mowhawk haircut will give the impression to children like a rocker. Thinly cut hair on the side. Meanwhile, hair is made spiky and collected at the center of the head. However, several strands are collected into one layer and made in the mohawk.

3. French Crop Hairstyles

French Crop Hairstyles

French crop haircut is a thin haircut on the sides and top. The side hair is made fade which shows the scalp and hair. Meanwhile, the top is left long. However, the bangs are cut straight. This haircut will show a unique haircut for children.

4. Buzzcut Tapered Fade

Buzzcut Tapered Fade

Buzzcut in children is like a buzzcut haircut in adults. This hairstyle will leave as little hair as possible.

5. Brush Up

Brush Up

Children who often move are usually lazy to comb their hair. So that the brush up will make it easier for him not to comb his hair often. In this model, the upper hair is left longer than the other side. That way, the hair is only left to pull up. This haircut produces a high-textured effect on the upper hair.

6. Casual Hair

Casual Hair

This casual hair can be a reference for children aged 7 years and has a triangular face shape. Haircuts front, side and back are in one position so that makes children look more presentable and handsome.

7. Side Part

Side Part

A square-shaped boy can make this side part model an alternative solution. Pieces with thick and fluffy middle hairstyle, combined with thin side area hair can make the face look more handsome and attractive.

8. Mullet Hairstyle

Mullet Hairstyle

Having a unique characteristic with the area of ​​the back hair that is left long so that it resembles a tail, will make the child look funnier.

9. Blond Haircut

Blond Haircut

The blond hairstyle is perfect for children who have oval facial characters. With the cut that leads to the front, combined bangs along the eyebrows of the child will make it look more fresh and vibrant.

10. Straight Hairstyle

Straight Hairstyle

The right and left side hairstyles are bald, with a short cut in the middle which is very suitable for boys with round faces. This hairstyle will make children look more casual and cool.

11. Spike Hairstyle

Spike Hairstyle

Spike is a hairstyle that is quite popular and suitable for boys, especially when applied by the famous footballer Christiano Ronaldo. The front of the hair that is left up like a tuft becomes the hallmark of this one hairstyle.

12. Mohawk

Mohawk haircut

This extreme hairstyle began to appeal and was applied to boys in the country since 2016 ago. The cut is similar to the undercut with the characteristic of the shaved side area, while the hair in the middle area is left lengthwise.

13. Fade Haircut

Fade Haircut

This fade haircut is very suitable to be applied to boys who have a round face shape. The bald one-sided area hair, combined with the other side area pointing to the side will make the child look more stylish and trendy.

14. Wild Wavy Long Top

Wild Wavy Long Top

For 3-year-old boys who have wavy hair, they can apply the wild wavy long top hair model. With bangs that can be combed so as not to cover the eyes, combined with a thin lower section will make the child more flexible when on the move.

15. Undercut


This undercut hairstyle actually has a lot of different types such as pompadour, slicked back, side-swept and so forth. This haircut that is also popular among international artists will make children look cooler but not cold.

16. Bangs Haircut

Bangs Haircut

For children who have a square face, then you can apply bangs hairstyle. This hairstyle is highly recommended for children aged 1 year, with the sides, front and back of the hair with the same cut will make the child look presentable.

17. Shaggy Haircut

Shaggy Haircut

This model can be applied to boys who have curly hair characteristics. With the hairstyle pointing forward and bangs slightly inflated will make the child look more cute and funny.

18. Bangs Haircut Model

Bangs Hair Model

Hairstyles with the characteristic of little smacking bangs on a Korean-style side area are indeed very hits. Not only suitable to be applied to boys, but also quite attractive to teenagers.

19. Toddler Style

Toddler Style

Toddler Style hairstyle with a thin bottom while a slightly longer top to the side is suitable for 5-year-old boys. The cool and trendy model makes this model attractive to adult men too.

20. Punk Rock Tot

Punk Rock Tot

This boy’s haircut is very compatible with the personality of the rebel. The haircut is made like a punk rock so it makes the child look more cute and adorable.

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