25+ Inspiring Oval Bathroom Mirror Ideas

Mirror in the bathroom is an important part of the decoration. In addition to beautifying the appearance of the room, the mirror has a vital function to help you see your appearance before leaving the bathroom. In general, there are various types of mirrors offered for each type of decoration style, let’s explore it. One of them is the oval bathroom mirror ideas that are often used in the bathroom that works for you to look at your appearance.

Placement of a mirror in the bathroom itself also has a function to provide a broad effect in your bathroom. Not only that, its presence can make the bathroom area look more attractive. Well, in order to make your bathroom look cooler, let’s use this attractive bathroom mirror models. Here are some oval bathroom mirror ideas that can inspire you.

1. Elongated Oval Bathroom Mirror

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the combination of marble walls and white sink gives the impression of elegance in this bathroom. Furthermore, after combined with the elongated oval-shaped mirror that makes this bathroom more luxurious. mirror ideas like this can be an alternative furniture design for those of you who have a luxury home.

2. Oval Horizontal Bathroom Mirror With LED

Oval Horizontal Mirror With LED
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The existence of LED lighting from behind the mirror gives the effect arising in the mirror. The combination of white LEDs and supported by brightly colored bathroom walls make the bathroom seem more spacious. The idea of ​​a mirror with LED lights behind it can be your idea if your bathroom is not too big.

Glamorous impression can be obtained by placing lights behind the mirror. Later the light will glow around the mirror when turned on. Just choose lights that are soft or slightly dim.

3. Minimalist Oval Bathroom Mirror

Minimalist Oval Mirror
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The decoration lights that light up in front of this oval mirror give very charming lighting when looking in front of this mirror. With the size of an oval mirror that is not too large, you can add other decorations near the mirror to beautify the look of your bathroom.

4. Gold Oval Bathroom Mirror Ideas

Gold Oval Mirror Ideas
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According to Chinese culture, a circular mirror with a frame made of gold can describe prosperity.

5. Simple Oval Mirror Bathroom

Simple Oval Mirror Bathroom 
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This simple oval mirror is a regular mirror and is widely used as an interior in the bathroom

6. Oval Horizontal Bohemian Bathroom Mirror Ideas

Oval Horizontal Bohemian Bathroom Mirror Ideas
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An oval mirror with an artistic white wooden frame can be an alternative to your modern bathroom interior design. In addition to getting a modern impression, by presenting an artistic mirror in your bathroom feels like feeling the old days. Adding a little light placed above the mirror also adds to the impression of light in your bathroom.

7. Bold Framed Oval Bathroom Mirrors

Bold Framed Oval Bathroom Mirrors
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This oval-framed bathroom mirror looks compact and fits perfectly with a minimalist style bathroom. Black and white are very suitable to use because it gives the impression of clean and minimalist. This mirror style is suitable for use on wall tiles so that they arise and contrast with the mirror.

8. Oval Vertical Bathroom Mirrors With Tiles

Oval Vertical With Tiles
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This mirror style is a favorite of most people, especially people who want to have a minimalist style home.

9. Simple Oval Vertical Bathroom Mirror

Simple Oval Vertical
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There are many ways to change the bathroom at home so it feels comfortable and modern. One way is to rely on the mirror arrangement. This one is one of the bathroom oval mirror ideas you can use.

10. Small Oval Vertical Bathroom Mirror

Small Vertical Bathroom Mirror
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This idea is also a favorite of most people. Clean, elegant and simple.

11. Oval Silver Bathroom Mirror

Oval Bronze
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This silver oval mirror frame works well with a room that doesn’t have a lot of contrasting colors. This idea is suitable to be combined with white and wood colors.

12. Simple Minimalist Oval Mirror In Vertical Position

Simple Minimalist Vertical Position
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Mirror has become one of the things that cannot be released from the bathroom interior. Don’t just look at the mirror from its functional side. Although located in the bathroom, a mirror can create a thick atmosphere of modern interior design if arranged neatly. Just try the above mirror arrangement ideas. It is quite easy to apply.

13. Oval Beauty Mirror

Oval Beauty
source: Instagram.com

14. Green Framed Oval Vertical Mirror

Green Framed
source: Instagram.com

15. White Wooden Framed

White Wooden Framed
source: Instagram.com

16. Hanged Oval Bathroom Mirror

Hanged Oval Bathroom Mirror
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17. White Classic Oval Mirror

White Classic Oval Mirror
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18. Black Framed Oval Vertical Mirror

Black Framed Oval Vertical Mirror
source: Instagram.com

19. Oval Vintage Design

Oval Vintage Bathroom Mirror Ideas
source: Instagram.com

20. Artistic Framed Ideas

Artistic Mirror
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Wall mirror that creates a feminine impression. Artistic mirrors are widely used by women. This mirror can be used both vertically and horizontally. Pair with a French dressing table to add a luxurious feel to this mirror.

21. Luxury Gold Framed Oval Mirror

Luxury Gold Framed
source: Instagram.com

22. Indian Oval Bathroom Mirror

Indian Oval Bathroom Mirror
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23. Bamboo Framed Oval Mirror

Bamboo framed
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With low budget bamboo and a little creativity, you can make a mirror frame like the picture above. The shape of a mirror frame that looks like a sun picture is great if you place it in your bathroom so your bathroom looks more beautiful to look at. This mirror style is commonly used by people who like vintage style and bohemian style houses.

24. Double Oval Mirror With LED

Double Oval Mirror With LED
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If the sink area is long enough or there is a double sink, try using two mirrors. This trick makes the bathroom so bright, fresh and spacious. Choose a mirror that has a simple design and aligns the two. Two oval mirrors make the bathroom more unique than just one long mirror.

25. Twin Huge Oval Vertical Mirror

Twin Huge Oval Vertical Mirror
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26. Small Modern Minimalist Oval Mirror Ideas

Small Modern Minimalist
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With these two oval mirrors, you will not be scrambling to use a mirror to see your appearance. The idea of two oval mirrors is very suitable for household partners or for those who have many residents of the house.

27. Double Shining Mirror Ideas

Double Shining
source: Instagram.com

28. Twin Black Framed Oval Mirror Ideas

Twin Black Framed
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