Outdoor Pool Side Ideas For Your Home

In addition to being healthy, swimming has many benefits such as shrinking the stomach, exercising muscles, and increasing height, as well as being able to refresh. Most people who like to swim, usually connecting their hobbies by swimming in public or outdoor pool that can be found easily.

However, for those of you who don’t really like swimming in public places, making a private swimming pool at home is one alternative that can be taken. Usually, a swimming pool becomes one of the facilities that is synonymous with stately and large houses. But in fact, if you have a large amount of land behind the house, you can also make a private swimming pool. Of course, because the limited land size makes you unable to make a swimming pool as big as a public swimming pool, but at least you can make a minimalist swimming pool that is compact and suitable for you and your family.

Now, this has been found quite a lot of minimalist swimming pool designs that do not take too much land. The results are quite amazing! The backyard of the house feels like an oasis that can treat the owner’s boredom.

1. Outdoor Pool Side

outdoor pool

Now there are quite a lot of minimalist swimming pool designs that don’t consume too much land. With ideas like the picture above, the backyard feels like an oasis that can treat the owner’s boredom.

2. Natural Pool Design

backyard pool

The backyard area is generally used as an outdoor relaxing area. Some choose to make a terrace, gazebo, fish pond, to a swimming pool. Despite the small size of the page, the idea of ​​creating a minimalist swimming pool can still be realized!

3. Backyard Swimming Pool

garden pool

The most common form of the mini swimming pool is rectangular with a simple design. The simpler the shape, the better and more efficient the placement. The land in the backyard is not wasted.

4. Outdoor Pool With Chillin Umbrella

relaxing pool

You can place an easy chair or swing in the area. A portable beach umbrella can increasingly create a pleasant atmosphere. Passing the summer at home will be even more joyous. Here it is, the design for you.

5. Scandinavian Outdoor Pool Style

wooden pool side

Besides being used for sports, the presence of a swimming pool at home aims to create a relaxed atmosphere like a holiday. Therefore, give supporting accents that support the ambiance.

6. Small Pool to Relax

mini pool side

The form of a mini swimming pool that is most often used is a rectangle with a simple design. The more simple the shape, the better and more efficient placement.

7. Mini Outdoor Pool Side

minimalist pools

Want to design a mini swimming pool that’s not all? Maybe a minimalist pool design can be an attractive option. The shape of a swimming pool is not boring with the presence of these bohemian accents to relax.

8. Simple Outdoor Pool Side

minimalist pool side

For those of you who are more focused on the sports function of the swimming pool, just choose the narrow alias model with a trim and minimalist cut. You can design the pool lengthwise as you wish. Also, adjust the width with comfort so that its function remains maximal.

9. Compact Outdoor Pool

private pools

The design of the pool can emit a modern impression on the house. In the surrounding area, you can add a minimalist terrace with the cold natural stone flooring material. As a shade, plant some plants so that the area still feels fresh and open.

10. Cozy Pool Design To Relax

front yard pools

10. This mini swimming pool looks like a perfect half-circle. The design is very natural because the whole is made of natural stone material. Not to mention the scenery around the yard that is so green. The combination of supporting elements makes the small relaxing area behind the house look like a tropical retreat. Very exotic, especially at night with additional yard lights around it.

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