Ideas to Design and Remodel Outdoor Living Spaces

A place to relax outside the house takes an important role in ensuring the quality of your life. A good arrangement will create a comfortable and soothing impression. Many various outdoor living spaces ideas that you can apply to make an outdoor space that looks blank become multifunctional and at the same time beautify the look of your home.

Here are several things that you should consider to create and design your outdoor living spaces.

1. Create a Fountain

fountain for outdoor
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The function of a fountain in a garden or home is not just a sweetener in your outdoor living spaces. This garden accessory has many benefits that are not much different from plants. The idea of ​​a fountain can function as an air filter. Its presence can filter out various pollutants and roam in the air.

Rain is an air filter of God’s creation in giant sizes. You can watch the air filtering process that takes place in nature from the top of the building. Before it rains, the temporary activity of the engine in the city continues, the city air looks foggy. A collection of fog as soon as possible creates a brownish layer in the sky. If the brown layer is inhaled too often, respiratory problems must be carried.

Air filter created by God like that you can copy easily. You can make a small fountain in the yard. This step is very suitable to be applied for homeowners located on the edge of the highway or around the industrial area.

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water diffusion

The process of air filtering occurs through diffusion events in water like this.

Exit substances can be absorbed through the jet of air coming out of the fountain nozzle hole. Or it can also diffuse directly in the movement of water. To make it look unique and beautiful, a Water fountain can be combined with a pool or water park.

Various approved gases and pollutants that have been mixed in the air can be utilized and absorbed by air plants. In the process of photosynthesis, plants process them as nutritional ingredients that are full of benefits. The result of the photosynthesis process is oxygen.

Various beautiful flowering air plants that can be chosen are water hyacinth, water jasmine, water poppy, lotus, lotus, and iris.

Besides the outdoor plant that you can apply in your fountain or in your garden, there are also various plants that you can plant inside your house. It is also important to make the ambiance and also the air inside your house feel cool and fresh.

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2. Design an outdoor fireplace

fireplace outdoor living space
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A fireplace is an architectural structure designed to light a fire. Fireplaces are used for practical purposes heating, cooking, and other purposes.

Fireplaces have great benefits during the rainy season as heating. But, over time the fireplace is rarely used as heating because there is already an electronic temperature regulator. Today, fireplaces are used as decorative decorations to enhance the appearance of a room because it has a very interesting architectural form.

The shape of the outdoor fireplace that has an interesting architectural design makes it not only function as a heater but rather to decorate the interior design to beautify the appearance of a house.

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3. DIY Hammock Ideas For Summer

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A hammock is a gear that you must have if summer is coming. There are many advantages that you can get from using a hammock. Hammocks are not only used for sleeping purposes while exploring the wilderness, but you can also decorate your backyard with a comfortable hammock for sleeping while enjoying the morning or evening sun accompanied by a glass of cold sweet iced tea and your favorite book.

Although not many people know, there are some studies that state that sleeping with your neck slightly raised about 10 to 30 degrees is the best sleep position. This position is practiced more by traditional society than a modern society that sleeps on a flatbed. Sleeping with a hammock makes you get this perfect position. This position allows blood flow to the brain to become smoother so as to make sleep more quality. When you wake up your body will feel refreshed faster because the brain gets enough oxygen.

A hammock is just a piece of cloth with the edges made in such a way that it can be hung on two trees.

When you decide to spend the night in the open air, it is very likely that your sleep will be disturbed by some animals that roam. Sleeping with a hammock can further help you avoid these animals, especially those who move on land. Besides avoiding several types of animals, sleeping in a hammock is also more comfortable and relaxed.

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4. Create a Beautiful Pool

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The outdoor living spaces are generally used as an outdoor relaxing area. Some choose to make a terrace, gazebo, fish pond, to a swimming pool. Despite the small size of the page, the idea of creating a minimalist swimming pool can still be realized!

Having a minimalist swimming pool is definitely a dream of many people, especially for those of you who like to swim. Besides being able to exercise, a swimming pool can also be a means of relaxation and a place to recover.

However, limited land and costs are often a problem when making a swimming pool at home. If you have enough land left over, making a minimalist swimming pool can be the solution. Although it’s not as big as a public swimming pool, at least you have a private pool that you can enjoy anytime with your family.

Now, this has been found quite a lot of minimalist swimming pool designs that do not take too much land. The results are quite amazing! Even outside the home page feels like an oasis that can treat boredom owners.

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