15+ Kitchen Pantry Ideas

Unlike the kitchen, the pantry is a special room that has a function as a place to store cooking utensils, food ingredients, and even a place to prepare ingredients before cooking. Nowadays, the presence of pantry is commonly found in homes so that the kitchen looks more presentable. some kitchen pantry ideas you can apply to your home.

Derived from the French word paneterie, the size of the pantry is usually not very large. On average, the pantry only needs a minimum of space with a door to maintain the quality of the objects it stores. With so many objects and kitchen utensils, from a collection of cooking utensils to cooking ingredients, it needs to be organized and how to properly store all these items.

1. Black and White Pantry

Black and White Pantry
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2. Red Rose Pantry

Red Rose Pantry
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3. Narrow Elongated Pantry

Minimalist Pantry
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If the pantry has a narrow, elongated room, the right solution is to install the rack wall to the maximum in the pantry. Put objects that are rarely used on the top wall shelf, for example cooking utensils that you only remove at certain moments. Instead, put the ingredients used every day on the lower shelf.

4. Transparent Jar

Transparent Glass Box
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You are also encouraged to choose transparent jars or containers because they are easy to find when needed. In addition, labeling also makes it practical. Don’t forget to make a note of the expiration date of each ingredient, just stick it on the lid of the jar and keep it updated every time you fill it

5. Labeled Pantry

Labeled Pantry
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6. Wardrobe Pantry

Wardrobe Pantry
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Because of the nature of the pantry door which is often opened and closed for access, avoid placing burdens that are too heavy or light. The side of the pantry door is ideal to be used as a place for cooking tools as long as the total weight of the object that is hung does not hamper access to the pantry.

7. Corner Side Pantry

Corner Side Pantry
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8. Fresh Food Pantry

Fresh Food Pantry
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9. Pantry With Drawers

Pantry With Drawers
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These tips will be quite effective because many ingredients are commonly piled up and must be removed immediately. So instead of these materials being displayed and blocking other access, store them in a cupboard or cabinet rack to maintain their quality.

10. Organized Pantry

Organized Pantry
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11. Rustic Pantry

Rustic Pantry
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12. Transparent Box in Kitchen Pantry Drawers

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13. Pastel Kitchen Pantry Ideas

Pastel Kitchen Pantry Ideas
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14. Roll Out Kitchen Pantry Ideas

Roll Out Kitchen Pantry Ideas
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15. Small and Bright Kitchen Pantry Ideas

Small and Bright Kitchen Pantry Ideas
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Pantry may be small, but still must have proper storage procedures. Create zones in the pantry by sorting and storing according to the function of the object.

16. Neat Pantry Organized

Neat Pantry Organized
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Proper planning of the pantry should also start from the zones that suit your needs. Position food items in front so they are easily accessible and store non-essential needs in high or deep locations.

17. Wooden Kitchen Pantry Shelf

Wooden Kitchen Pantry Shelf
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18. Tidy Kitchen Pantry

Tidy Kitchen Pantry
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