5 Furniture Design Ideas You Should Consider In Your Home

One of the most important elements in a home is furniture. These elements can not only make your home more beautiful but also make your home more comfortable so you feel more comfortable. With great furniture design ideas, you can make your room looks more beautiful.

There are various types of furniture that you can use in one room, such as sofas, tables, cabinets, lampshades, to shelves. With the large needs of the community for the availability of various furniture, it’s no wonder that the variety of models offered is very diverse. You can even order custom furniture that can be tailored to your needs.

Here are several furniture design ideas that might be your choices in decorating your room.

1. TV Stand

tv-stand furniture design
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Decorating a room in a house, of course, will be very difficult to put several furniture at once. Therefore, you need to consider what type of furniture design is appropriate and appropriate so that your space is unlimited. One of the furniture design ideas that is quite important and also needed is a tv rack.

Well, now there are many types and designs of attractive tv racks that you can make as inspiration for your home furniture. However, you also need to consider what tv rack design is suitable for use in your room.

TV rack with a sleek design and suitable for use in all styles of this room can make your room look more neat and organized.

There is nothing wrong if you want to have a tv shelf interesting and beautiful isnt it? Besides this attractive tv rack display can change the atmosphere of your room to be more beautiful and up to date. It’s good if before you start to make your own tv rack, then look for inspiration about the design you want.

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2. Shoe Rack

shoe-rack furniture design
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Having a large collection of shoes and sandals at home sometimes makes us lazy to just organize neatly, especially to clean it. The condition of the scattered shoes will certainly ruin the view of our own home and will suggest that we are lazy people and are not sensitive to circumstances that are all messy.

And this is sometimes unknowingly we have made our shoe collection become neglected and cause a decrease in its durability and economic value. In fact, if we want to take a moment, we can provide the right solution only by arranging it neatly on a shoe rack and cleaning it occasionally.

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3. Console Table

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Console tables in general only function as tables in general. However, due to shifting needs and interior trends, combining incarnate and running a new configuration that is not less interesting in the room. A console table is a long table that is commonly used to place a collection of photos, accessories such as table liner, flower vases, making it easier to attract more. The shape is diverse, there are square, oval, flat, or like a table in general. The furniture designs are also various, from the classic, modern versions, to a touch of Chinese style.

The console is placed in the front room or placed behind the sofa like a decorative table. The main function of the console as an accent is sometimes also used for work desks or dressers. In fact, this one table can be used as a non-massive room divider. As a work desk, the choice of design can be with many drawers as a storage console table. Meanwhile, as a dressing table, glass can be added on the back attached to the wall. For non-massive insulation, place the console on the back sofa placed in the living room and dining room.

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4. Plant Stand

plan stand furniture design
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A beautiful and clean home is everyone’s dream. Not only about the importance of large areas and large buildings. But most important is the cleanliness and the ability of the owner to arrange any existing furniture. One of them saves plants in a room that is being hit among fans of room decoration. One way to arrange plants to look neat and beautiful is to use plant stands.

In addition to adding beauty, plants in the home help the air to collapse the room. Even some can also launch radiation from electronic goods in the house.

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5. Stair Carpet

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Stairs are one of the important components in a terraced house. Because in addition to functioning as a liaison, stairs are also considered capable of adding to the aesthetic value of a house.

Usually, to avoid the danger of slipping on a ladder lined with tiles or parquet, the surface will be added in the form of step nosing.

But actually there is a more interesting way to apply, namely the use of carpet. The abrasive carpet material makes the steps not slippery when stepped on, so it does not endanger your health and that of your family.

The application of carpet on the stairs also gives an attractive appearance to a room. Especially if you install brightly colored rugs and full of motifs.

If you want a soft and comfortable feel, a thick carpet is a solution. Another advantage, thick carpet is able to reduce the sound of footsteps so that it is not noisy and interferes with activities at home.

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