20+ DIY Fountain Ideas For Your Home Garden

The fountain is one form of the presence of the water element in several houses. The fountain ideas in a house become a part that blends with the overall function of the room, becomes a soothing element, as well as a functional element of decoration. Here are some fountain ideas that you can apply to your home.

1. fountain ideas

old piano fountain
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Piano classic-style fountains can always be a thief of attention. Placed in the garden in front of or behind the house, guests will definitely be asked to visit.

2. pool fountain ideas

beautiful pool with fountain
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Pool in the middle of the yard with a circular path around it will give you a busy day at the weekend to choose and care for plants around it. Do not let the leaves dirty the road.

3. front yard pool fountain

front yard pool ideas
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A pond with a beautiful Italian sculpture can also sweeten the yard before entering the house. Very beautiful!

4. outdoor water pool

outdoor water pool
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One small pool won’t be enough. Make two with a fairly large box model in the garden. Do not forget to fill with mangrove plants that will beautify your pool.

5. heavenly paradise fountain

heavenly paradise ideas of fountains
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Gardens in the kingdom can be your inspiration when creating gardens at home. A pond with a classic sculpture as a fountain, with approved flowers and grass that is made very beautiful.

6. outdoor fountain ideas

outdoor fountain ideas
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It is not extensive, but the stone which is also provided at the fountain provides a splashing sound that fills. Put the table and chairs by his side. Perfect for friends, enjoy tea or coffee in the afternoon.

7. beautiful fountain

beautiful fountain
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Playing with a fountain above the pool is one of the entertainment. At night, turn on the fountain which is equipped with decorative lights. Don’t forget to provide a small hut to enjoy this beautiful view.

8. fire place fountain

fire place fountain
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a fire place-style fountain combined with a small pool provides a warm and calm atmosphere for those around him. the right place for people who want to have a relaxed conversation with friends or family

9. lighting stone fountain

lighting stone fountain
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That tall rectangular fountain with a little reflection of light looks more beautiful at night.

10. small stone turtle DIY fountain

small stone turtle diy dountain
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The wall that also functions as a fountain has become a trend and is still a favorite of many people.

11. secret garden fountain

secret garden fountain
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The secret garden is very interesting as a place to play hide and seek or just as a place to be alone. moreover there is a classic fountain in the secret garden.

12. artistic DIY fountain ideas

artistic diy fountain ideas
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An artistic fountain that gives its own charm when you see it. Listen to the gurgling sound of water while reading a book near him is exciting for some people who need peace.

13. Piano water fountain ideas

piano water fountain
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If you have a piano that is outdated and is unlikely to be repaired again, it is necessary to decorate the fountain. You can modify it so that air can come out of the piano and add beautiful flowers at the top of the piano.

14. Mongolian basalt

mongolian bassalt
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This Mongolian Basalt fountain are mined from the mountains and it is shaped to make a stunning semi-formal water feature in your garden

15. DIY fountain

diy fountain
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a circular tile fountain very suitable to be placed in a small garden in your home.

16. bamboo basket fountain

bamboo basket fountain
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17. bowl fountain Ideas

bowl made of stone
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18. River rock fountain

river rock fountain
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Additional mini waterfalls can certainly be a relief. Being looked at while relaxing or even listening to the sound of gurgling sounds is very calming.

19. old barrel DIY fountain ideas

old barrel design
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This fountain idea you can use by making your own using equipment that is easy and simple.

20. stone pillar fountain ideas

stone pillar fountain
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This stone pillar fountain ideas give you the impression of being in ancient times and stone age.

21. Modern fountain

modern ideas of fountain
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A fountain with a modern model will never fail to attract attention. The back garden of your house is sure to become a favorite area for all residents and visiting friends.

22. Green garden

green garden
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