20 Inspirational DIY Dresser Plan You Can Build

Having a dresser plan is something that you should have if you want to makeover your bedroom look more beautiful. Dresser is actually another form of the term Dressing Table. It is a small table and has multiple parallels, horizontal drawers that are stacked one above the other and comes with an attached mirror.

Another called for a dressing table with a mirror is vanity. As you’ve already guessed, it is traditionally used for applying makeup and fashion accessories.

These are various styles of dresses plan you can pick.

1. Classic Dresser Idea

Classic Dresser Idea
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2. Colonial Dresser

Farmhouse Dresser
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This a colonial-style dresser and nightstand got a vintage industrial makeover for your house or apartment.

3. Classic Wood Dresser Idea

Classic Wood Dresser Idea
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4. Feminine Dresser Ideas

Feminine Dresser
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This idea is suitable if you have a daughter or a girl kid. Pretty pink. Pick the colors and style you would like for your system. Storage and style all in one!

5. Artistic Dresser Plan Ideas

Artistic dresser ideas
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6. Natural Dresser Plan Ideas

Natural Dresser Idea
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7. Wooden Traditional Dresser

Wooden Traditional Dresser
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8. Kroehler Dresser Ideas

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9. Mid-Century Dresser

Mid-Century Dresser Ideas
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10. Minimalist Dresser

Minimalist Dresser Ideas
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11. Large Mid-Century Dresser Ideas

Large Mid-Century Dresser
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12. Mid-Century Modern

Mid-Century Modern
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13. Pinky White Dresser Plan

Pinky White
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This white dresser plan will give you a clean impression of your house. A perfect combination for minimalism.

14. Solid Neutral Dresser

Solid Neutral
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15. Midnight Blue Dresser

Midnight Blue Dresser
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Compact dresser with midnight blue color is the best combination for minimalistic

16. Vintage Dresser Ideas

Vintage Dresser
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From the material of wood with a touch of mid-century style will give you the best vintage vibes on your house.

17. Chalk Painted Dresser

Chalk Painted Dresser
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18. Red Classic Dresser Plan Ideas

Red Classic
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This red old dresser that serves as a place for decoration and special drinks.

19. Recycle Wood Dresser Plan Ideas


Recycle Dresser
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Furniture that is not used at home is often wasted. Even though with a few bright ideas, old furniture can be new again with different forms and functions.

20. Light Pink Dresser Plan Ideas

Light Pink Dresser plan ideas
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