20 Creative Coffee Table Ideas for Your Home

The coffee table is not always only considered as a complementary item in a room design, but a coffee table is more than that. Coffee tables can even be an affirmation of a style. As important as the style of the room you choose, the shape and proportion of your coffee table will actually ensure and confirm the choice of style of your room. Here are coffee table ideas that you can use for your inspiration

1. Ikea coffee table

ikea coffee table

Ikea coffee table ideas

Here we collect various IKEA coffee table design from Instagram.com

2. lift top coffee table

lift top coffee table

Loft Top Coffee Table Ideas

See the lofted top coffee table collection below from Instagram.com

3. round coffee table

round coffee table

The use of round coffee tables with big sized, medium-sized and small-sized coffee tables can be used for various functions. Large or medium-sized coffee tables are usually used for functions that involve eating events, such as breakfast meetings or dinner meetings. While the small-sized coffee table is ideally just for relaxing while enjoying a glass of coffee.

Round Coffee Table Ideas

Here we collect various round coffee table ideas from Instagram.com

4. ottoman coffee table

ottoman coffee table

Ottoman Coffee Table Ideas

Collection of ottoman coffee tables from Instagram.com

5. glass coffee table

glass coffee table

Glass Coffee Table Ideas

Here is some collection of glass coffee table from instagram.com

6. coffee table sets

coffee table sets

7. coffee table with storage

coffee table with storage

8. rustic coffee table

rustic coffee table

9. modern coffee table

modern coffee table

10. square coffee table

square coffee table

11. coffee table books

coffee table books

12. marble coffee table

marble coffee table

13. live edge coffee tables

live edge coffee table

14. farmhouse coffee tables

farmhouse coffee table

15. small coffee tables

small coffee tables

16. storage coffee table

storage coffee table

For you book lovers, you will definitely love the coffee table that has empty space at the bottom of the view. This empty space you can use to store various collections of books, magazines, or newspapers. Place the coffee table in the middle of the living room, pair it with your favorite sofa or armchair, and enjoy your relaxing time while reading a book. This coffee table model is also multifunctional. The books can you place it on the bottom of the cross-section, while snacks, and coffee you place it on top of the cross-section.

17. west elm coffee tables

west elm coffee table

18. mid-century modern style

mid century modern coffee table

19. wooden table

wood coffee table

20. pallet coffee tables

pallet coffee table

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