16 Unique Cactus Types You’ve Never Seen Before

Cactus plants have a variety of types, and each type has its own beauty and uniqueness, in terms of the shape and color of the flowers. The following are various cactus types that are unique and rarely seen before

1. Ariocarpus

ARIOCARPUS cactus types

Ariocarpus Cactus is one of the unique cactus because it does not have thorns on the stem. In addition, this cactus has prism-shaped leaves, some are curved, blunt and pointy. Cactus leaves are very beautiful in various colors. The colors of these cactus flowers are also varied, some are purple, white, pink, yellow and red.

2. Astrophytum

ASTROPHYTUM cactus types

This type of cactus has a star-like stem or star fruit and is estimated to have more than 100 species worldwide. Astrophytum is a cactus that is easy to flower. To stimulate flower discharge is to put it in a hot place around 40oC, but not too much sun. The flowers produced are very beautiful, some are yellow, red-pink, and so on. But this cactus is very slow growth.

3. Cereus tetragonous


Cereus tetragonous type cactus is a native American cactus, which can reach nearly 2 meters in height. This cactus has a castle-like shape and is best suited for potted plants or hedges.

4. Chepalocereus senilis


This cactus earned the nickname old man cactus because it looks like a human whose entire body surface is covered in long white hair like gray like a parent. Her white hair can reach 12 cm in length. So that this type of cactus can grow optimally, it must be placed in a place that has sufficient heat with temperatures ranging from 32o-40oC.

5. Echinocactus grusonii


This cactus is commonly called the golden barrel, originating from Mexico and Texas. The uniqueness of this cactus is its shape that resembles a large barrel. In Indonesia, many ornamental cactus lovers collect this type of cactus and are usually willing to buy at a high price for quality cactus.

6. Echinofossulocactus


This type of cactus has a dark green stem and is surrounded by a sharp thorn. Its growth is relatively slow, to be able to issue beautiful flowers takes about 3 years. The flowers are very beautiful and have a variety of colors according to the type, such as Echinofossulocactus captonogonous has a white flower color, Echinofossulocactus telli has a red flower color, Echinofossulocactus Phyllanthus has a yellow flower color.

7. Ferocactus


This type of cactus has curved round stems and sharp pink spines. The uniqueness of this type of cactus compared to other types of cactus is if other types of cactus use flowers as its appeal, then this type uses thorns as its appeal.

8. Gymnocalycium


Gymnocalycium comes from Greek which means bare petals. This is because the flower buds are not covered with thorns at all. This type of cactus comes from South America which has very beautiful flowers.

9. Haworthia attenuata


10. Lobivia oganmaru


This type of cactus originates from South Africa and is generally shaped like aloe vera. Usually referred to as a zebra plant because it has features similar to zebra. This cactus has a high tolerance level for low light conditions so it is best if it is placed indoors.

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11. Mammillaria elongata


This type of cactus originates from Mexico. The uniqueness of this cactus is that the stem is almost invisible because it is covered in fine yellow thorns. This cactus has a size of about 20 cm and has beautiful white flowers. Usually placed in the shade and not exposed to direct sunlight.

12. Mammillaria elongata var intertexta


At first glance, this type of cactus is similar to Mammillaria Elongata because it is indeed from the same genus. But the trunk is larger and is covered in reddish thorns. Its appearance is more sturdy and includes cactus that is easy to flower. The flowers that come out are very beautiful and white.

13. Mammillaria fraileana


This type of cactus also comes from the same genus as Mammillaria elongata and Mammillaria elongata var intertexta. It has a green stem and is covered by a reddish-brown smooth thorn. His trademark is that there are white patches and large flowers. Around the main stem will grow cactus children, so it’s like living in groups.

14. Melocactus

MELOCACTUS cactus types

This type of cactus originates from several regions in America, such as the Caribbean, Mexico, South America, Peru, and Brazil. Melocactus is round like a melon and has 30-40 different species.

15. Parodia

PARODIA cactus types

This type of cactus has a shape like a thorny ball. To put this type of cactus should be in a shady place because this cactus is a cactus that does not like being exposed to direct sunlight. The flower of this cactus is very beautiful and has several colors such as red, yellow and pink.

16. Pincushion cactus


This type of cactus is commonly called the fishhook cactus, has thorns that stick to the lower end of the cactus so it looks like a fishing line.

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