10 Indoor Cactus Pot Grouping Ideas

Cactus are ornamental plants originating from the Netherlands. Ornamental plants that belong to the large family of Cactaceae also thrive in the American continent, from north to North America. Not only in the desert areas, but cactus is also a fertile plant inhabiting mountainous areas that are cold and snowy when winter arrives. Nowadays, cactus is becoming the most favorite decorative plant inside the house. By using the same cactus pot, it can beautify the appearance in the house like a mini cactus garden.

Here some beautiful indoor cactus pot ideas for your inspiration

1. Minimalist cactus pot

minimalist garden spots

2. Cactus pot with wooden bench

succulent with wooden bench

3. Random Cactus Pot Grouping

cactus pot in a cave vibe

4. Cool indoor cactus spot

cool cactus spot

5. Terracotta pot

terracota pot

6. Minimalist terracotta cactus pot

terracotta cactus pot

The media used for cactus plants are pots. The pots used for the media are made of clay, plastic, cement, ceramics, glass, and others.

7. Cactus pot in a cafe

cactus pot in cafe

Cactus garden in a cafe is one of the attractive spots that many people like for a photo booth.

8. Neat cactus pot grouping

simple cactus grouping

The easiest way to reproduce cacti is with stem cuttings. If done the right way, cuttings are at the lowest risk of failure. Choose cactus stems that are not too old or young. Cut with a sharp knife as long as 6 cm. Leave 7-10 days in a cool place so that the wound dries. The next process is to plant in planting media. It should be noted, for the type of round or cactus, cutting should be done right on the segment. Former cuttings on the parent plant will usually grow new shoots that are ready to become new cuttings.

9. Mini Cactus Garden

indoor cactus pot

Cactus can be propagated in various ways. Some people multiply by seeds. Although a little complicated, this method is still done. First, the cactus seeds must be dried, soaked in warm water then spread in a seedling medium which is usually in the form of fine sand, mashed bricks, and compost soil. After the cactus is a year old and has a length of 4-5 cm, the cactus can be transferred to the growing media.

10. Mini cactus pots made of clay

pots made of clay

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