35 Beautiful Inspiration Bathroom Vinyl Wall Decal Ideas

Bathroom wall vinyl can also be called a bathroom wall decal. In general, bathroom walls only use ceramic tiles. What about the bathroom wall in your home? Are you not bored with the same wall designs? Though there are some bathroom wall designs that are able to present a different feel. With the presence of variation of the bathroom wall, the atmosphere will be more amazing. You will feel good vibes when you are taking a bath.

Not only to support the aesthetic aspect but also to support the functionality. You surely know, now the bathroom is no longer impressed dirty, dirty, and disgusting. Many people begin to pay attention to this private room because they realize it or not, its function is very important in everyday life.

Just look at the various design ideas below for your inspiration.

1. Beautiful Butterfly For Bathroom Wall Decal

Beautiful Butterfly Bathroom Vinyl

You can beautify with this beautiful butterfly

2. Thankful Bathroom Wall Decal

Thankful Bathroom Wall Vinyl

3. Aquarium Bathroom Wall Vinyl

Aquarium Bathroom Vinyl

Feels like in an aqua athmosphere

4. Lazy Dog Bathroom Wall Vinyl

Lazy Dog Bathroom Wall Vinyl

5. Brush Teeth Reminder

Brush Teeth Reminder Bathroom Wall Vinyl

don’t forget to brush your teeth

6. Typography With Bubble

7. Wash Hand Reminder

8. Simple Word

9. Sword Style

10. Mermaid Bathroom Wall Vinyl

11. Orchid Bathroom Wall

beautiful orchid brings you a peaceful vibe .

12. Octopus Bathroom Wall Vinyl

13. Flamingo Wall Decal

14. Minimalist Wall Vinyl

15. Artistic Style Wall Decal

16. Unique Word

17. Awkward Word Bathroom Wall Decal

18. Disney Vibes

19. Please Wash Your Hand

20. Urban Style

21. Rules In Bathroom

22. Quotes Bathroom Wall

Quotes Bathroom Wall Decal

23. Elegant Typography

Elegant Typography Bathroom wall vinyl

24. Purple and Gold Shell

Purple and Gold Bathroom Wall Vinyl

25. Luxury Typography Wall Decal

Luxury Bathroom Wall Vinyl

26. Soak Your Troubles Away

Soak Your Troubles Away Bathroom vinyl


27. Pinky Flamingo Wall Decal

Pinky Flamingo Bathroom vinyl

28. Jellyfish With Contrast Red Background

Jellyfish With Contrast Red Background Bathroom vinyl

29. Forest Vibes Wall Decal

Forest Vibes Bathroom vinyl

30. Elephant Plays

Elephant Plays Bathroom vinyl

31. Giant Jellyfish Wall Decal

Giant Jellyfish Bathroom vinyl

32. Bubble Bath

Bubble Bath Bathroom vinyl

33. Kids Style Bathroom Wall Decal

Kids Style Bathroom vinyl

34. Bathroom Rules

Bathroom Rules Bathroom vinyl

35. Small Bubble Bathroom Wall Decal

Small Bubble Bathroom vinyl

That’s all of 35 ideas that will give you inspiration for your bathroom design. You can remodel your Bathroom wall with the presence of that ideas.

Reference: all images are by Instagram.com

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