45 Unique Bathroom Vanity Ideas

A bathroom vanity is a place of privacy, where you can linger in pampering yourself. One place where you can be selfish with yourself. For your convenience for a long time in bathroom vanity, then you need to beautify and make your bathroom vanity look as attractive as possible. Looking for bathroom vanity ideas is a must before you beautify your bathroom for your references.

The bathroom vanity is a combination of surrounded storages and basin or sink. The sink is paired with a panty cupboard which has mostly water-resistant material mainly because the bathroom is the wettest place in the house. The mirror is connected with the cupboard in some designs. Bathroom Vanity has lots of advantages to installing it in the bathroom.

Being the centerpiece of the bathroom, vanity is important in building a fascinating house for resident’s satisfaction and comfortability. Bathroom Vanity is a major focus in western countries and Europe when building a house.

With this luxury item, residents design the bathroom to give a majestic look. With Bathroom vanity, we can make less space bathroom look bigger and comfortable. Bathroom vanity available in various design types, sizes, and shapes.

Follows are some of the designs available in the market.

  • Traditional
  • Art Deco
  • Country Style
  • Minimalist
  • French Provincial
  • Rustic
  • Space Age
  • Modern

You can also make a custom bathroom vanity as you want. Maybe here are some ideas that might be your choice if you want to beautify and customize your bathroom vanity.

Table of Contents

1. Industrial Style Bathroom Vanity by Elegant Lighting

Industrial style bathroom vanity by Elegant Lighting
source: Instagram.com

Having a bathroom vanity is beneficial in many ways. Such as bathroom items (toiletries, cleaning products, hair straighteners, medications, cosmetics, hairdryers) can be stored and place orderly. With this bathroom vanity ideas, you can store all of your toiletries in this industrial bathroom vanity.

2. Black and White Bathroom Vanity

Black and White Bathroom Vanity
source: Instagram.com

Mostly used material for manufacturing bathroom vanity top is granite and concrete. And it’s said best material to use for cabinet vanity are Solid oak. Solid oak is also the strongest and durable material from maple, oak, polar, birch. Price is high on this material but will last long in a wet environment in good condition.

3. Black Minimalist Bathroom Vanity With Wood

Black Bathroom Vanity With Wood
source: Instagram.com

4. Regent Double Vanity With Marble Countertop Offers Timeless Appeal

Regent double vanity with marble countertop
source: Instagram.com

The bathroom vanity has a standard height of which 36 of height and enough width to fit the sink. The bathroom vanity is typically 21 inches deep. Standard with can be range from 24” to 72”.

If there is a mirror attached to the vanity mirror can be 5” to 10” inched space needed above the sink. Bathroom vanity comes in single and double vanity. For example like this Regent Double Vanity With Marble Countertop Offers Timeless Appeal.

5. Unique Bathroom Vanity With Stone

Unique Bathroom Vanity
source: Instagram.com

Vanities cupboard must be strong enough to hold the weight of the basin and countertop. Natural Stone look can enhance the beauty of the bathroom.

6. Vintage Bathroom Vanity

Vintage Bathroom Vanity
source: Instagram.com

Having a bathroom vanity is a new trend in this century in bathroom modeling. Bathroom vanities come in new designs and concepts to increase user satisfaction and comfortability, neatness of the house. With this vintage bathroom vanity ideas, you will feel satisfied and comfortable in your bathroom.

7. Rustic Meets Modern Vanity

Rustic meets modern
source: Instagram.com

When buying a bathroom vanity bathroom floor and wall color needs to be considered. Color matching and usage of residents must be verified before selecting a bathroom vanity.

When choosing a bathroom vanity resident must consider the durability of the vanity. Or else maintenance cost will go up. Purchasing the right material is suitable for long term usage even though the price is high.

8. Rustic Bathroom Vanity Using 3 Foot Console

Rustic Bathroom Vanity using 3 Foot Console
source: Instagram.com

9. Minimalist Wooden Vanity

Minimalist Wooden Vanity
source: Instagram.com

10. Grey Bathroom Vanity

Grey bathroom vanity
source: Instagram.com

You’ll probably fall in love with this grey sink bathroom vanity. Just installed this vanity unit in your bathroom.

11. Rustic Stone Vessel

rustic stone vessel
source: Instagram.com

The glow from the tube light casts a mysterious glow in this black-and-white bathroom setting. It is saved from appearing too clean-cut, with a rustic stone vessel sink stealing the show.

12. Elegant Vanity Sink

elegant vanity sink
source: Instagram.com

An elegant vanity can elevate your space.

13. Double Sink Bathroom Vanity Ideas

Double Sink Bathroom Vanity Ideas
source: Pinterest.com

Having two sinks together help people to get ready faster. To attach two sinks in the cupboard it should be wide enough to hold them

14. Natural Bathroom Vanity

Natural Bathroom Vanity
source: Instagram.com

Speaking of reflection, the custom mirror for this bath is finally in, along with the heavy glass shower patricians.

15. Black Vanity Unit With Drawers Black Bathroom

Black Vanity With Drawers Black Bathroom
source: Pinterest.com

16. Double Sink Vanity With Rustic Mahogany

Double Sink Vanity With Rustic Mahogany
source: Pinterest.com

17. Single Sink Vanity With Rustic Mahogany

Single Sink Vanity With Rustic Mahogany
source: Pinterest.com

18. Bathroom Vanity for Semi-Recessed

Bathroom Vanity for Semi-Recessed
source: Pinterest.com

19. Old Wood Washbasin For Bathroom Vanity

Old Wood washbasin
source: Pinterest.com

20. Egyptian Style Bathroom Vanity

Egyptian Bathroom Vanity
source: Pinterest.com

21. Concrete Bathroom Vanity

Concrete Bathroom Vanity
source: Pinterest.com

22. Double Washbasin For Bathroom Vanity

Double Washbasin Bathroom Vanity
source: Pinterest.com

23. Washbasin Made of Real Boulder

Washbasin made of real boulder
source: Pinterest.com

24. Unfinished Bathroom Vanity Style

unfinished bathroom vanity
source: Pinterest.com

25. Epic Wooden Bathroom Designs Ideas with Modern

Epic Wooden Bathroom Designs Ideas with Modern
source: Pinterest.com

26. Backsplash Bathroom Vanity Trend

Backsplash Bathroom Vanity Trend
source: Pinterest.com

27. Bathroom Vanity Combine With Chair

Bathroom Vanity Chair
source: Pinterest.com

28. Rustic Bathroom Vanity With Five Drawers

Rustic bathroom vanity with five drawers
source: Instagram.com

This master vanity may be our favorite one yet! Five drawers, two adjustable shelves, and all the reclaimed wood is wonderful

29. Four Elemental Bathroom Vanity Ideas

Four elemental bathroom vanity ideas
source: Instagram.com

I actually love this look with the living Edge and if you think about it, it has the four balancing elements of the Earth, Wood, Metal, Stone, and Water. What’s not to love when everything balances out with your surroundings.

30. Large Rustic Bathroom Vanity

Large rustic bathroom vanity
source: Instagram.com

The entire thing is made from reclaimed beech wood that used to be the sub floor and floor joists in the mud room of an old century home that was being demolished.

31. Classic Wooden Bathroom Vanity

Classic wooden bathroom vanity
source: Instagram.com

32. Floating Wood

Floating Wood
source: Instagram.com

I built this floating vanity for a bathroom renovation Braymers Construction was doing in Easton. Not sure what was my favorite part, being around those guys or scrounging through barn wood on the same farm this renovation took place on to build this beauty. Either way, always thankful for the opportunities

33. Rustic Barn Wood Vanity

Rustic barn wood vanity
source: Instagram.com

34. Spalted Maple Slabs Bathroom Vanity Ideas

Spalted maple slabs
source: Instagram.com

35. Minimalist Rustic With Marble Vanity

Minimalist Rustic with marble vanity
source: Instagram.com

36. Rufford Bathroom Vanity

Rufford vanity
source: Instagram.com

37. Bathroom Vanity With Tile Shower Sinks

Bathroom Vanity With Tile Shower Sinks
source: Pinterest.com

38. Single Corner Bathroom Vanity

Single Corner Bathroom Vanity
source: Pinterest.com

39. Bathroom Vanity Farmhouse

Bathroom Vanity For Farmhouse
source: Pinterest.com

40. Small Bathroom Corner Vanity Ideas

Small Bathroom Corner Vanity Ideas
source: Pinterest.com


41. Left Hand Corner Wall Hung Vanity

Left Hand Corner Wall Hung Vanity
source: Pinterest.com

There are different shapes and sizes according to the size of the bathroom. For a small-sized bathroom wall-mounted vanities are the best option. Those hanging on the air attached to the wall So space won’t be managed.

42. Beautiful Corner Vanity Designs For Your

Beautiful Corner Vanity Designs For Your
source: Pinterest.com

43. Crosswater Svelte Wall Hung Corner Vanity Unit

Crosswater Svelte Wall Hung Corner Vanity Unit
source: Pinterest.com

44. Admirable Snoopy Bathroom

Admirable Snoopy Bathroom
source: Pinterest.com

45. Gloss Grey Vanity Unit 2 Drawer

Gloss Grey Vanity Unit 2 Drawer
source: Pinterest.com

That’s all some unique bathroom vanity ideas that you can choose if you want to remodel your bathroom vanity.

Vanities are made up of stone, wood, laminate, cement, reconstituted stone, etc. The bathroom vanity has below colors white, Ebony and Gray, etc.

When it comes to the disadvantage of installing a bathroom vanity first issue is the materials can be damaged because mostly the cupboard surface is made up of tempered glasses. Too much heat or heavy items falling on it can scratch the surface or melt. A downside to Bathroom vanities is these are high on price.

Another disadvantage of installing a bathroom vanity is that it consumes a huge amount of space in the bathroom.
If we didn’t plan the place where bathroom vanity placed in the bathroom while building the house, there arises a problem when installing the vanity. Plugin switches, water plumbing and other items placed on walls must not block the space for vanity. Choosing the correct bathroom vanity must be a plan before building the bathroom.

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