24 Inspiring Bathroom Shelf Ideas to Keep the Bathroom Tidy

It turns out there are also many items that are generally found in the bathroom, to keep the bathroom tidy, you need a bathroom shelf. Starting from towels, clothes, baskets, shampoo, soap, conditioners, brushes, hairdryers,  and so on.

If you have a small place of residence, limited space would be one of the classic problems that you face every day. No exception in the bathroom. It is one of the private spaces in the house. Ideally, the bathroom should always be neatly organized so that the shower routine always works to make you feel refreshed and relaxed again.

Related to this, placing a shelf in the bathroom can be a solution. This bathroom rack is available in various types that can be adjusted to the needs and style of the bathroom interior. Approximately what type of bathroom rack is suitable for maintaining bathroom neatness? Come see more below!

1. High Designed Shelves, from Floor to Ceiling

High Designed Shelves, from Floor to Ceiling
image by instagram.com

Since your bathroom is mini-sized, placing shelves that stretch horizontally is not a wise choice. Because this takes up space so that every inch in the bathroom space cannot be utilized more optimally.

Therefore, choose a rack that is designed high and attached directly to the wall. As you can see the example image below. Well, to bring the illusion of relief to your tiny bathroom, you can put a mirror behind the shelf.

2. Shelf in the Wall Gap

Shelf in the Wall Gap
image by instagram.com

Furthermore, you can also make a little gap in the wall and use it as an additional shelf in your bathroom.

For the rinse room, you can be a little creative by choosing ceramics with certain visual effects, so the bathroom looks stunning!

3. Shelf on the Toilet Side

Shelf on the Toilet Side
image by instragram.com

Admittedly, the area next to the toilet is often forgotten and considered absent. This can be the right spot to place a storage rack in the bathroom, you know!

FYI, this idea is one of the best and we like the most. The reason is, the shelf that sticks directly to the wooden wall has more or less brought a warm feel to this bathroom. Do you agree?

4. Minimalist Stylish Shelves

Minimalist Stylish Shelves

Making shelves as one of the elements to add colorful touches to your bathroom is a great idea! So, there’s no harm in choosing a rack with a certain color that can make the bathroom look fresher. Also, you can place decorative elements (for example vases complete with flowers) in one of the available spaces.

5. Mini Shelf under the Sink

Mini Shelf under the Sink
image by instagram.com

Like the space next to the toilet, the space under the sink is also often not utilized optimally. Well, for those of you who have mini-sized bathrooms, avoid this mistake. Start using the space under the sink, as you can see in the picture above.

Place a simple design cupboard that has several drawers under your sink. In addition to being able to put down a few towels, the cupboard will also be the right storage place for some needed beauty creams.

Thing to remember, make sure the cabinet you choose is made of moisture-resistant material. The cabinet should also be able to be moved or moved easily, so you have no trouble when you want to clean the bathroom thoroughly.

6. Harmonious Shelves with Bathroom Drawers

Harmonious Shelves
image by instagram.com

If you choose to renovate the bathroom as a whole, try to apply the following ideas. Choose the same wood type and tone for wall shelves and cabinets under the sink. This trick will make the bathroom look more harmonious, elegant, and modern, you know!

To do this, you can ask for help from professionals. They will help you choose the best material at the same time organizing space proportionally so that the dream bathroom concept can be realized!

7. Shelves behind the Door

Shelves behind the Door
image by instagram.com

In almost every room, the space behind the door is always forgotten! This space is ideal for making built-in wall shelves.

Come on, use that space well for the built-in wall shelves. You can choose a vertical design up to the ceiling like in the picture above.

8. Shelf that Sticks to the Mirror

Shelf that Sticks to the Mirror
image by instagram.com

Small wall shelves that close to the mirror (a part of the bathroom glass itself) like the picture above can also be selected. This rack is ideal for storing razors and hair dryers, you know!

9. Small Shelves Near the Sink

Shelf that Sticks to the Mirror
image by instagram.com

The above idea is also quite brilliant. By utilizing a small gap in the bathroom wall, our professionals make beautiful wooden shelves whose designs are tailored to the furniture that will be placed.

10. Vertical Shelves in the Bathroom

Vertical Shelves
image by isntagram.com

So that more and more of your storage space, take advantage of all vertical space, both in the bathroom and in the shower room to place small shelves.

11. Glass Bathroom Shelves

Glass Bathroom Shelves
image by instagram.com

The bathroom is a wet area and has moist air. One of the best materials is glass because it is waterproof and easy to clean. This glass bathroom rack is suitable for modern and minimalist style bathrooms.

Some things to note when using a glass bathroom rack are routine cleaning and wiping with a cloth so that mold does not appear on the surface. Also, choose thick glass and attach it firmly to the wall so it doesn’t break easily.

12. A Special Shelf for the corner of the Bathroom

A Special Shelf for the corner

In a small bathroom, you must be smart to choose the shape of a bathroom rack so that the room still feels relieved. One type of bathroom rack that is right is a rack with an angle of 90 degrees like this. This bathroom rack is installed in the corner of the room so that no space is wasted.

The size does not need to be large, which is important enough to put shampoo and soap. Add hangers-on several sides to place the shower puff and brush.

13. Use the Box as a Shelf

Box as a Shelf
image by instagram.com

For those of you who want the bathroom to look unique, please try using a wooden crate as a bathroom shelf. This one bathroom rack is suitable for storing dry toiletries such as towels and tissue supplies. Add a small decoration to sweeten the appearance. This is perfect for a vintage style bathroom.

14. Hanging Shelf

Hanging Shelf
image by instagram.com

Next, there is a hanging type bathroom rack whose concept is open. Bathroom rack like this is suitable to be placed in small bathrooms because it looks more spacious. Because this type of bathroom rack is hung, make sure the link is firmly attached to the wall. For the string, it’s better to use thick wire.

15. Open Shelf

Open concept shelves
image by instagram.com

The next type of bathroom rack is an open shelf with an upward arrangement that can help you save space. This bathroom rack is minimalist in style. Its small size also makes it suitable to be placed near the sink to put towels, soap, and air fresheners.

16. Transfer Niche Shelves Functions

Transfer Niche Shelves
image by instagram.com

Furthermore, there are niche-style bathroom shelves that are basins on the walls. In ancient times, niches were used to display status and various art objects. Nowadays, a niche is more often used as a storage area.

To make a bathroom rack on this one, you need to plan it when building a house. To keep the bathroom shelf durable, cover the surface with ceramic or waterproof paint.

17. Built-in Shelf

Built-in Shelf
image by instagram.com

Finally, there is a type of bathroom shelves built-in alias permanent. This type of rack is made as tall as the room and its size is quite large. Consider this rack carefully because it will be difficult to change it later on. To make this shelf look neater, use a special box to store all your toiletries and other necessities.

18. Wooden Drum Shelves

Wooden Drum Shelves
image by instagram.com

The next DIY project is to use wooden drums from wine storage. It may still be rare and difficult to get a used drum, but this is an idea that you can use at any time to get it or find another alternative, metal drums or other synthetic materials. The trick is to cut the wooden drum into 4 parts, then hang it on the wall, don’t forget to put a divider to separate your bathroom items.

19. Used Ladder Shelves

Ladder Shelves
image by instagram.com


Used stairs or you can make a new one, use it as a place to put bathroom equipment such as towels and other toiletries. If you are using an old ladder, clean it first and then repaint it, or if you want a rustic form, leave it natural with exposed wooden stairs. Add a board to the stairs as a place to put bathroom furniture.

20. Shelves of Wire Baskets

Shelves of Wire Baskets
image by instagram.com

Another option for placing bathroom furniture is to use a basket made of wire or iron. Baskets like this are suitable for you who like industrial or rustic style. Installation is quite easy because the hollow shape of the basket makes it easy to hook with nails on the wall.

21. Rope Hangers

Wooden Ladder With Ropes
image by instagram.com

Another place to hang towels is to make stairs from wood and rope. You can use wood from dried tree trunks of the same size, then give a hole to the right and left of the wood using a drill, as a hanger, use a lasso rope by giving a knot to each bottom of the wooden hole.

22. Organizer of a Shoe Storage Bag

Storage Bag
image by instagram.com

You can use a shoe storage bag to place bathroom accessories, or store floor cleaning products along with brushes and other equipment. It can use plastic or plastic carpet that is commonly used to close the dining table, by sewing it into pockets. But if you bother you can buy a shoe storage bag and can immediately hang it as a storage container for bathroom furniture.

23. Shelves using Clothes Hangers

Shelves using Clothes Hangers
image by instagram.com

Do you have a coat hanger or jacket? Use it in the bathroom for a more stylish and comfortable appearance. Place it near the bathtub or shower so the towel is easily taken.

24. Shelf with a Basket

Basket Shelf
image by instagram.com

Store a few baskets under the sink so access to pick up towels is easy. This way you don’t need to pierce the bathroom wall to install a towel rack. The towel will fold neatly and give a homey feeling in the bathroom.

Although there are various types, try to choose a bathroom rack that can store all the equipment you need every day in the bathroom. That way, you don’t have trouble finding what you need every day.



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