Rossana Saavedra

One of the privileged and prestigious voices, with a talent outside the common thing, of self-taught formation and with a phrase absolutely dealing with Jazz.

She is a talent of spontaneous generation in the vocal Jazz that can happen from time to time 

“She began her career at the age of 10 years old, in the "SÁBADOS GIGANTES" program of channel 13 in the segment "Clan Infantil"

Later she debuted at the age of 17 at the Santiago Jazz Club of Jazz in a Jam Session together with Consolidated Musicians, surprising them the way she took control of the stage with her vocal and scenic display.

Rossana Saavedra has been in the majority of National, International Festivals and Jazz scenes in Chile, together with national and foreign musicians of the Swing, Be-bop, Fusion, Bossa Nova, Blues, Funk, Soul and Acid Jazz.

She has collaborated as singer in innumerable musical productions;
she is one of the outstanding advertising singers of jingles in Chile;
she possesses a training of remarkable work from the point of view of her quickness and Good Taste to fix Voices, in recording studio.

She has received positive critics from the most important musicians of the international jazz who have been through Chile such as the Guitarist Scott Henderson (with whom she sang November 24 ,2006 in Chile) and Whom Colaborated in her first solo CD “Respiración” in 2010,
the Canadian trumpet player Ingrid Jensen and the North American singer Jay Mc Govern among others….

In 2008 she won the National Fund of Music, for the recording and edition of her first solo record “Respiración” During 2009 she is in process of recording her CD.

And nowadays 2011 her musical project titled “Respiración” is finished and ready to be promoted. 

In 2011 she is invited to collaborate with GONDWANA, one of the most outstanding Latin-American Reggae bands, to sing, create and arrange the backing vocals for the musical band project titled “REVOLUCIÓN”.

Today, in 2012, she continues working in the promotion of her musical project as well as performing, touring, recording and private events.

Rossana Saavedra is one of the most forceful Talents of the national Jazz during the last decade.